Picture/Video to Dashboard

I have written this script for showing live video to the touch screen:

from picamera import PiCamera
from time import sleep

camera = PiCamera()


Is there anyway before the Cayenne launch the Camera Widget to send video/picture to Dashboard?


The Cayenne Camera widget isn’t out the door just yet, we have another batch of new widgets coming out first. Stay tuned though, we’ll work our way through this list (and it will likely see some new additions this too).

Unfortunately right now there is no way to send an image to the dashboard.

In the future widget list (comming soon), above, the camera widget for raspberry only mention the camera module, what about for the USB cameras?, more easily to obtain, and more models availables. Thanks

I think that they first will enable the widget to use the official camera
board. It is more logic and then they will open the interface for
interaction with other hardware. (I think so).