Stream Pi camera / video on Cayenne


Hello, I am trying to use Cayenne to stream video from Raspberry Pi camera. I was able to write a program and run it via remote desktop in a browser on PC, but could not really execute it through Cayenne app on my phone. Is there any widget in the app that can stream Pi camera video?



I would like to see this as well. A trigger from on occ sensor would record video for as long as an occ sensor was on. Then send text when occ sensor turns off so you could remote in to view what video was recorded.

Or maybe a single photo would take and email the photo. Like a door viewer.


This would be a very nice addition. Possible to support USB cameras as well perhaps?


Sounds a nice option / project
Pi 3 we should be able to do a few more things besides ?
~ Andrew


I’d also like to see some way to snap a picture and view it on the dashboard.


That’s what i need for my project…
USB-cam = very nice


Event Triggered OR Scheduled OR ‘Shutter Button’ option on a happy snappy widget ?
~ Andrew


@picaxe @Beule1808 @jhovak @derikj @ed.manning @alexkychen
Yes, there will be a widget for both the ability to stream a live video, and the ability to view a captured picture. @derikj this would include USB camera support from the Pi camera module.

What are some of your expectations for this feature?

  • If there is a USB camera attached to the Pi, how would you expect the pic/video to be delivered to Cayenne dashboard?

  • If using the Pi camera module, how would you expect the pic to be delivered to the Cayenne dashboard?

  • If you are using an IP cam (that’s not connected to the Pi) and want to view the video or send a picture to the Cayenne dashboard, how would you envision that to work?

Just trying to get your input here,


  • Select default input when adding device in wizard: USB ( I feel is most important option) are everywhere on a practical easy to attach lead. Pi camera (well okay but fiddly…)
  • Thumb nail img still of what the camera took when link extablished would be cool… ( Shows the camera is live / present / ready to snap, stream. )
  • Click on thumb nail out to a full screen tab, easiest for starters ?
  • Otherwise a box within the screen - beside what you are monitoring / controlling makes sense ?
  • Nominal buttons, transport control, stream, record to… E-mail to…
  • Settings button drops to trigger and scheduling (and stop motion)
  • jpg (snap, stop motion) / video mode go-pro feel about it
  • For that matter talk to Go Pro and add as a camera option please :slight_smile:
    ~ Andrew


I have a rapsberry pi on a microscope with the camera module. I would like a way to take a photo and/or video after a preview. Also would like to do the same with a telescope. Thank you.


I’d like to be able to see a “live” view all the time in the dashboard, and be able to be notified with a snapshot or short clip based on a trigger action. Have the trigger able to retroactively get a few seconds before the trigger, make it configurable. Sometimes you’d miss the shot if it only started recording after the trigger event. Many IP camera system work this way, but it would need a rolling recording buffer in order to do this. Maybe the widget could have toggle between live view and the last x triggers, being clips or snapshots.


Live by all means, I was just thinking a minimal / minimised icon when the video starts / joins etc… I like the microscope idea.

Don’t forget too that budget web cams can make cool night vision cameras: the cheaper and junkier the camera the better as they fall to bits faster :slight_smile:

Once the chimp of Ird filter glass is biffed out then the CCD is typically very sensitive to a very small amount of Ird. I have found a single ‘smokey’ Ird LED emitter is enough for detecting Penguins in the cooler…
In the photo below you will see one setup with 4x Ird LED in series. This works out at almost exactly 5 volts raw off the USB port as 4x Ird LED’s happen to draw exactly 30 to 50mA with no current limit resistor and really light up the scene.

Okay… so next stop motion detection > trigger > capture etc ?

~ Andrew


I would like to view streaming video with full screen on phone/tablet app while also have some small buttons sitting on top of the view so that I can take picture, record video, or do something else (e.g., switch a relay) while video is streaming…if possible.

Thanks a lot!


That’s pretty awesome…I’ll have to give that a try.


Or just always on. :slight_smile:


I would love to see this added.

It would be cool to be able to see what is going on or at lease take pictures.

In terms of expectations, I would expect when using the Pi camera module, to be able to take pictures / video and be delivered to Cayenne dashboard. It would be nice if camera could be used in triggers too.

For example, motion sensor to trigger cam to take a picture.


This is precisely what we will be enabling. Video will not be available in first release though.



this would be great !


How do you connect an official PiCamera to the Raspberry Pi? :sweat: I have two raspberry Pi’s, a B+ and 3. Pi 3 has a camera connected to it :camera: (all of the software is installed and I can control the camera from terminal and Python :snake:) and in the Configure Raspberry Pi section the camera switch is switched on, but how do you see the physical footage streaming from the camera? Thank you for your help! :sweat_smile:


Welcome to Cayenne!

This is still being worked on so it’s not yet possible.