Raspberry pi Camera

Can you use the raspberry pi camera with cayenne? I can see it listed in the settings page but can’t find any way of using it.



The settings that you are seeing are a read-only right now. We have work to do for actually allowing you to change the Pi settings through the Configuration page in Cayenne.

Although what I think would be cool is if we allow the Pi camera module to export pics directly to a camera widget in Cayenne.



Web cam in trigger or shced etc wayyyyy cool.
~ Andrew

Post image to e-mail
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This would be a great feature.

What I currently have is my camera takes a picture each time 3000 pixels change then it uploads in to a dropbox folder. However this would be better with Cayenne. Especially if you can also view a live stream.

@will.brett.design This is a planned upcoming feature :slight_smile:

@picaxe Exactly! Video streaming widget planned as well…only a matter of time.


I’m just leaving this here…

A camera widget would be a great place to toss in some SimpleCV integration.


I have two raspberry Pi’s, a B+ and 3. Pi 3 has a camera connected to it :camera: (all of the software is installed and I can control the camera from terminal and Python :snake:) and in the Configure Raspberry Pi section the camera switch is switched on, but how do you see the physical footage streaming from the camera? Thank you for your help! :sweat_smile:

It’s not possible yet. But, since you asked, at a high level what will happen is the camera pictures will be stored in a specific folder on the Raspberry Pi. The Cayenne agent lives on the Raspberry Pi and will be able to gather any pictures stored in that folder on the Raspberry Pi, push them up into the Cayenne cloud, and then bring them into the Cayenne dashboard through the means of a photo gallery widget.

This is a big feature that we are excited to start working on.



Can’t wait! When should the widget be out?

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Not for some months :frowning:


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Man. That is too bad. Can’t wait though! :relaxed:

any news on the camera feature yet? thanks

@bestes I’d be happy to beta test some camera features! :smile: Can’t wait for these features either way & also wanting to drop - Will camera motion be able to be used as a trigger? As will.brett.design said, maybe based on how many pixels have changed?

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Now that MQTT is released, I suggest you follow the tutorial for using Raspberry Pi with Cayenne and MQTT.

Then, you can follow this guide to install OpenCV.

OpenCV lets you write code for any sort of trigger and feed it to Cayenne using mqtt.

I wish there was a widget to display video on the dashboard, but I haven’t seen it yet.

You can use the Mjpg-streamer though and port forward your router so it shows up on your public IP.

Here’s how you install mjpg-streamer How To Install Mjpg-Streamer - Raspberry Pi Forums

Once you have all this setup, the MyDevices team would just have to open a browser object window on the dashboard and point it to your stream.



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Maybe it will be helpful for someone:

I wrote a script which takes a photo (on Raspberry) and sends it through e-mail and slack on button press.