PiFi controller - Pi hotspot control using Cayenne App


About This Project

Few days ago, I was working with setting up hostapd based AP (Access Point) on raspberry pi. Getting the idea of script based AP server control, I thought to control WiFi with one button interface. The idea is that one master user can switch-on and switch-off WiFi anytime through Cayenne UI and SSID will disappear from available list.

What’s Connected

RPi3 with internet access from ethernet
One jumper wire from GPIO20 to GPIO21

Triggers & Alerts

No triggers, just using generic actuator icon as output and generic sensor icon as input. Output is directly fed to input and rest of the work is done by a simple python script.


No scheduling, however standalone wifi AP server can be scheduled for turn-off in night time.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

Full details of project is hosted here:

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