Port 4 gives an error

" Please fix the following errors:

  • Failed to add the sensor (Device command failed)"

Hello when I try to enter a relay on channel 4 I have this error return, it’s the only channel that gives that the others work correctly could you tell me why

It’s a raspberry pi 2 and a shield : https://wiki.keyestudio.com/KS0212_keyestudio_RPI_4-channel_Relay_Shield

thank you for your help (I go through a translator sorry for the mistakes I am French)

that is because GPIO4 is 1 wire port and cannot be used as general GPIO port.

But it’s à shield i dont move the pin it’t locked…sorry for m’y english…

are you familer with python? you can use https://github.com/myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python to control the relay manually.

I will try, I am also testing yana server in parallel in all thanks for the help

Le mer. 25 mars 2020 à 21:15, Shramik salgaonkar via myDevices Cayenne Community mydevices@discoursemail.com a écrit :

Hi shramik,
Having same problem here, as cayenne see that port as data.

As far as i can see it is gpio as any other.

Complete noob here :slight_smile:

Is there a way to change that

I am talking about port 4, pin7

yes, it is a GPIO but it is used as 1 wire pin in cayenne agent. So you cannot use it as general purpose pin.

No way to change that?,
i found the way to change it in raspbian.

Thats bad :frowning: