1-Wire Problem

Hello, loving this project for allowing me to track sensors when I’m not at home, but suddenly my setup where I have 2 1-wire buses on a single pi has stopped working. I can read both buses from the CLI on the pi, but only one at a time can get online with cayenne.

When I go into the settings for each individual pi, it shows 1-wire being switched off there, and when I try to turn it back on I get the usual about restarting, then I get this error showing up:

InvalidParams: At least one of thingId, channel, id, or value is missing

This happens on every pi I have, even one new in box and fresh installed I used to test.

which are the two sensors you are using?

They are all ds18b20’s but they are on two different buses going to two different locations

you have connected both to GPIO 4?

no, they are on two different pins, this has worked for nearly a year on cayenne as is. One line going outdoors and one indoors. It suddenly stopped working with cayenne yesterday. It works perfectly with my CLI scripts on the pi itself, all the data comes through:

pi@pizero3:~ $ /home/pi/scripts/indoor.sh && /home/pi/scripts/outdoor.sh
Thu May 30 13:27:52 EDT 2019
Attic: 37000 AC Vent: 25687 Bedroom: 26000
Thu May 30 13:27:59 EDT 2019
Outdoor: 35937 Panel: 75750 Return: 48562 Tank: 47562

It just isn’t sending the data to cayenne. Did something change that it only allows one pin in cayenne?

can you try connecting them to same GPIO 4 now. and add a new ds18b20.

also check if cat /sys/bus/w1/devices/w1_bus_master1/w1_master_slaves shows both the devices.

Ended up building a Y split and plugged both together, in GPIO4 it all went to 0C. In my secondary pin (25) it eventually started back up communicating with Cayenne after a few minutes. So hopefully it stays that way.


Glad to hear it is working now, let me know if there is any more problem.