POST doesnt work

Hello, I want to use a POST with the idea of generate a automatic call when a trigger activate.

For this I use the cayenne triggers and the option of webhook with method POST

I insert the request URL and the URL encoded. In my case it dont work, but in Postman it work perfectly with the same datas.

Do you know why it dont work in the Cayenne trigger?

Thank you and regards

can you share a screenshot of your trigger.

Sure, I censore a little it, I think it is irelevant information
In Postman with the same info work fine

I only have xml=xml in 64 base code, dont know if must use key=xml&value=xml in 64 base code

I tested the POST and the GET method but none of them works, in Postman works.
I dont understand why in the cayenne webhook trigger dont work, can you help me with this problem?
Is probably that the webhook trigger is disabled and I must make a Cayenne API to do a POST?
This problem have my project blocked
Thank you and regards!

hi @santos the Cayenne API will no longer going to be supported. We are encouraging users to use the IoT in a Box dashboard instead which is our commercial product. IoT in a Box have similar Cayenne device integration.

You can find more information here: