Trigger not work

I Have a simply trigger that send me a email when i change the GPIO 6 status but not work…


currently there is a bug with cayenne trigger and team is working on getting a new trigger engine, which will be out soon so hold on.

Hi @shramik_salgaonkar. We appreciate all the efforts Cayenne Team are putting into fixing this trigger issues. We do not have the right to demand so much from you being that we are getting this service for free. Just wondering how “soon” will that fix be? A week maybe? A month? it’s just that I am a teacher and my students are heavily relying on this trigger for the success of their project. I don’t know if I need to tell them to just hardcode the trigger in the cayenne code (eg., using explicit if else condition)

cant tell you the ETA but it shall be in next month most probably. thank you for your patience.

thanks buddy appreciate all the hard work