Trigger doesnt work!

We added motion sensor , we wanted to send e-mail but sensor is working, trigger doesnt work. Similar to this, we added tsl2561 sensor and trigger for it, it doesnt work to. Any trigger we added does not work.

which device are you using?(arduino or raspberry pi with cayenne agent)

I’m also having this problem. Any trigger with webhook does not send e-mail notification.
Following this tutorial here

Strangely, visiting the webhook URL successfully triggers the event.

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we are looking into the trigger issue, will update here when it is fixed.

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i am using pi 3+ b model. when will the trigger issue be fixed?

@fehimenur and @sayanelektronik the issue is fixed, so can you test and let me know.

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@shramik_salgaonkar Yes it’s fixed. Thank you.


ı cant check today but tomorrow ı will let you know.