Pre and post triggers


Being new to Cayenne I have a few dumb questions. This one is about triggers.

I have two relays which is I need to have on in a mutually exclusive way (e.g. I need to turn relay 1 off before turning relay 2 one). I also need to be able to turn both off so I can’t just use the NO/NC on a single relay.

I tried to solve this problem with a trigger. “If relay 1 is on then turn relay 2 off”, however this seems to be a post-event trigger. With latency in the system, there is a period with a couple seconds where both are on before relay 2 turns off. Unless there is another way, I either need a pre-event trigger or I need a way to attach a macro to a button

Any way to handle this use case in Cayenne?


Not yet, but once MQTT is released it should be possible.