Trigger help

a help, but can you also enter the trigger time of a trigger in cayenne? example: a motion sensor where a relay activates, after X time it must be extinguished … possible?

Hi @Massimotruglio83,

Timed triggers like this are a feature we’ve planned for Cayenne but isn’t in the product at this time.

However, you could likely work around this by creating triggers that run local code which control the relay for X seconds at this time. What sort of device/connectivity are you using for your Cayenne project? If you show me this, I can make an example for you that shows how this could work, and you can see if it would make sense for your project.

I see that you are on an Arduino from the other thread, apologies, I’d been away from the forum for a short time and had forgotten about it. I’ll work on an example for that and post it in your original thread soon.