Some questions very silly. Sorry. Can you help me?


Good morning.
I would like to ask a series of questions.

1 When programs on Cayenne, if internet communication is lost the system still works?
2 I’m putting a strigger on and I’m not able to program it. I have two temperature sensors, and I want a pump to start when one sensor exceeds the temperature of another sensor. When I give strigger just let me put a value to the sensor but not a sensor dependent on another.
3 there is some cayenne manual explaining the conditionalities of operation.
4 When everything is programmed, there is some way to get all the sketches of all the sensors at the same time or you have to go incorporating them to the arduino as you are programming them.

I know that there are very silly questions but these doubts arise to me and I do not find where to look for them.

Thank you very much


Welcome to Cayenne! They are all good questions.

  1. No, unless you specifically program local logic as well. The only thing that will work is schedules on the Pi using the Cayenne agent.
  2. As far as I know triggers can only have one condition right now. Enhancements to triggers are being worked on and should be released soon.
  3. You can find the docs here
  4. Unfortunately you will have to manually combine sketches to get more than 1 device on an Arduino. There is a section in the docs (linked above) that explains how.