Pressure sensor calibration


I have a analog pressure sensor that is wired to mcp3008 chip on my Pi.

1: I need to calibrate the output some how, so that the value on my dashboard displays a PSI or number that does not need to be converted. Any tips would be helpful. Right now the options on the sensor are Float, Integer, Volt.

2: The trigger for this has a 0-1 slider and Im wondering if there is a way to also change this number range?

When PSI is 35 or above the pi opens a valve via a relay and then when the PSI drops below 35 it closes the valve.

Ideally there would be a timer to repeat this setting every 20 min.



  1. You would be able to do your own calibration if using Arduino. You would do the conversion in your code and then output to a widget. However for the Pi, the options are Float, Integer, Volt. We will eventually allow you to massage this data on Pi, for example viewing in PSI.

  2. Are you using a Generic Analog Sensor and the 0 - 1 is the trigger slider value? If so, this is probably a bug we’ll need to fix.

  3. We will be releasing a timer functionality in the future that will allow you to specify timer intervals for repetition. Not sure if this is a viable workaround, but you could use the Cayenne scheduling feature?