Problem in connecting my r pi too cayenne

i m trying to conect my pi with cayenne
with app it take 46 mins nd still showing wait for board to connect

then i try with terminal but it still not connect nd dashboard does not apear

plz reply

@shramik_salgaonkar plzzzz replyyyy

everything is working fine at my end. i just did a fresh install of raspberry pi and it worked. which raspbian are you using?

i instal it from link available at cayenne my pi is wrking fine but when i tried to cnect it with app it shows waiting for devices to coneect for a long time
same problem arise with terminal commands u can see the screen shots

@shramik_salgaonkar sir which method you prefer to connect with… i used both methods and result is same
it shows waiting for device to connect

which app version are you using? and is it an Android or IOS mobile?

Android samsung G core 2

it takes an hour nd still shows waiting message

what is the cayenne app version?

found it

can you PM me your email_id?

@aphfyp how is your project coming along?

sir it will submit next week. my r pi is still not connected to cayene but i resolve the problem by using python script and bring your thing to send all sensor data nd loads on off situation… i also use pi camra in this and on off my camra with cayene widget.
i included auto manual mode and does not use cayenne triger feature… i program a lot for this proj… now im making final pcb of mh proj on eagle autodeskcad…

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@adam sir i have used 8 sensors and 6 loads of diffrent power alltogether in this proj… and also doing some image processing stuff using python and pi cam

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would love to see your project shared with the community.