Problem on start


I’ve installed Raspbain.
When I digit "wget"
I got "Certificate of ‘’ is not trusted. The certificate has not yet been activated.
How I can handle this?


@moltonim, It looks to me like the system date on your Pi might be set very far off of the actual world time, which could cause that error. You can check the current date/time on your Pi by running the command date which will show output like:
Thu 16 Jun 09:34:17 MDT 2016

If the date/time on your Pi doesn’t look right from that command, try the following to reset it:
sudo ntpd -gq
sudo reboot (to restart the machine)

Check the date/time again with date when its back online. If it still looks off, you can set it manually by running date like:

date --set="2 OCT 2006 18:00:00"

After you get the time/date set back, try the wget command again. If you’re still getting the error despite a correct system clock, let me know.