Cant login in the iOS app

Hello, I tested it few times: I am not able to login into the cayenne iPhone app with my account. It tells me to enter a valid email. I changed my password once, that was not a solution.
Login via the web-app worked well.

Hi @msallat,

Is this the app you downloaded? I only ask because we have a legacy ‘myDevices’ app that was created some time ago, I want to be sure you downloaded the correct app.


yes, I used the correct cayenne app, not the old myDevices app. Any Suggestions?

Hmmm, this is weird. @twong any suggestions here?


Hi @msallat,

I see what’s up here, it’s a bug in our mobile apps where they don’t think email addresses in the format:

are OK. They are valid (as you well know, that’s your email address!) so it’s our bug, apologies.

We’re going to push out a fix soon for both iOS and Android. If you’d like to use the iOS app in the meantime, PM me with an alternate email address, and I can change your account to it so you can login on iOS. I can change it back when we push the fix, too.

I know this is an old post but I am having the same problems… are you able to do the fix for me also?

Hi @mathewbrooks86, welcome to the Cayenne Community, and no worries about bumping the old thread.

This issue should be fixed in the current iOS build (2.1.0), so please check that you have the latest from the App Store if you’re on iOS. It looks like it remains an issue on Android.

If you’re planning to use Android, and have some alternate email address that doesn’t share that format, one option would be to make an account there, and I’d be happy to have a someone on our end change your email address back to the preferred one with the format as soon as it’s fixed on Android.

Hi @rsiegel . I currently have a gmail account which previously work well, no problems. When I tried to load software onto pi, it will not work. I am currently running latest version of the app.

Are the user name, password and ssh that of the pi or my cayenne account? And is the ssh set to 22 as standard or am I confusing it with something else…

Forgot to mention I am running the app on iOS

I really can’t remember how I did it the first time :flushed:

Ah I see.

Yeah, it’s asking for the username / password of an account on the Pi (by default, pi / raspberry) , and the default SSH port is 22, unless you’ve changed it.

Please note that in more recent versions of Raspbian, the SSH is disabled by default, so you might want to check on the Pi itself if the SSH interface is enabled (step 2 in this documentation): Raspberry Pi Documentation - Remote Access

If it’s still not behaving for you, you can do a manual install from the web dashboard by logging in, adding a new Pi, and following the on-screen instructions until you get to ‘Option 2’ where it gives you two commands to run on the Pi to install the Cayenne agent. Once the agent is installed and the Pi is connected to Cayenne, it will show up in the iOS app, even if you did not install it from there.

Hi, just to update,

I used the code via SSH to install onto the pi and now all is working again

Thanks again


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I’m having the same issue… Can connect via wifi, but not when wifi is off (strictly over cellular).
I can request a password change and it lets me into my account to change the pass. If I retype the password in the change password fields it accepts it and then prevents me from logging in again.
This is a hassle because I want to see published projects off my lan (another subnet like a cell connection). What’s up with that, and what can I do to help you help me?

what do you mean by this. you need to connect to your via wifi with internet to access the data over cayenne.

You mean you cannot login once you have changed your password?

Can connect via wifi, but not when wifi is off

what do you mean by this. you need to connect to your via wifi with internet to access the data over cayenne.

What I mean is that: I want to use my cellphone to prove that the data is going to the website. I do NOT want to use wifi. When I share a project, it provides a link to your app on the apple app store. If I try to use the app from the appstore to connect via cell, it will not accept my user/pass.

I do not want or need to change my password. I gave you that example to prove to you that the user/pass was not the issue. The issue is that I cannot login to your weblink from a cellphone connected via cell service.

However, if I try to log into the app when I am connected to wifi, I can. If this is the way it’s supposed to be, then why?

can you share image screenshot of what error are you getting when you try to login.

It’s on a cell phone.

I’m connecting, via call pone on a cell connection to the web link that gets generated when I want to share a project. Whein I select that web link regardless of whether I do it in email or copy it to an apple safari or chrome (again on my cellphone) it directs to your app. When I try to log into your app with only the cell service connected it will refuse my valid user/pass.

See if you can reproduce?

are you able to login into the cayenne app directly when using cell service?