PWM with ESP32


Has anyone worked on PWM with the ESP32? I tried adding an Actuator/Generic/PWM Output, but I could not select my ESP32 device (Wemos ESP32 with attached 18650 battery charger/holder).

Ultimately I would like to control two motors for an RC car project.




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add a slider with channel 1 and a button for forward backward direction with channel 2. then code it accordingly. where slider sets the pwm speed control and button for direction.


Did you get your project working? It looks like analogWrite is still not supported for the ESP32:

Development Status

Most of the framework is implemented. Most noticable is the missing analogWrite. While analogWrite is on it’s way, there are a few other options that you can use:

16 channels LEDC which is PWM
8 channels SigmaDelta which uses SigmaDelta modulation
2 channels DAC which gives real analog output