Raspberry PI 4 new hardware unknown output don't acces in my project!

Good friends!
Can you help me?
I have a new RASPBERRY PI 4 board!
And I want to do a cayenne project!
I managed to add a DS18B20 temperature sensor that works ok!
I want to operate a relay to operate an output of the RAspberry PI4 board … and it doesn’t work!
If I want to add a digital output to any channel … I don’t have the add button on! I can’t add!
In the upper right corner I appear for the Raspberry Pi4 board
“OS: raspbian 10 Hardware: Unknown (Element14 / Premier Farnell)”

Is this the problem ?!

Unknow board?!?! (Raspberry Pi4)

Can you help me!


can you share a screenshot of this.

I checked my hardware configuration! … what is input is input …what is output si output !!!
I work directly on the rapberry pi directly on the chrome browser and here I do not have the add button to add options for output !!!
If I edit in android the option to add button for digital output is active and it works!
I’ll try on windows too!
My conclusion: the options for adding new devices in chrome … (run directly on chrome on raspberry pi 4) doesn’t work!

for your conclusion, can you provide a proof with a screenshot?