Can't add channel



Just starting to play around with the Cayenne.
But stuck with a simple thing in adding a GPIO input on a raspberry PI

Looks like I’m missing something really basic here that it won’t let me add a GPIO input.

Please help newbiew.




Hi @robertg,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! Hmmm, what browser & version are you using?




Chrome but it’s not browser related, I’ve done a clean o/S install on another unit and it’s now working fine.
So all good thanks.

My next step is to integrate a solar controller, which connects via a USB to serial connection using modbus protocol.
Currently using as my method to read telemetry data.
Any suggestion how I could interface to it via the Cayenne platform?

Thanks again,



Woohoo, glad that got resolved.

…Have you checked out the MQTT API?