Raspberry Pi - Any requirements regarding version/model?


Are there any requirements that prevents running Cayenne on all models of Raspberry Pi? I tried to find some information but in the FAQ but didn’t succeed.

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Welcome to the Cayenne community!
I have Cayenne installed on Zero’s, 2b’s, and 3b’s. And I know folks have succeeded with B’s and B+'s. What do you have in mind?

Software requirements are Raspbian Wheezy or Jessie (Full version, Lite not supported).

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Just wanted to know if there were any known problems/issues/performance problems when using for instance a B-model before I started to try out Cayenne.

Learn by others doing…

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I’m running a pi B+ and this app for me has been great I’m still in noob and prototype stage but this app is what I’ve been looking for along time.
I can’t praise it enough it’s motivated me to blow the dust off my project because the big piece I was missing was a good app the biggest problem I’ve had is me.:flushed: