Stream Video through the Pi Camera Module

I just downloaded and installed Cayenne for my RPi 3 and LOVE the layout and ease of access. I have a variety of 7 other Pi’s and will probably add Cayenne to them as well! A few questions:

  • Camera Module - what is the plan on being able to add video to Cayenne? Would love to use this as a remote security cam instead of VLC/VNC.
  • IFTTT - are there plans to partner with the app “If This Then That” (IFTTT)? I use my Particle Core’s with this and it’s amazing.

Looking forward to this new way to control my Pi’s!! Thank you!


Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the Cayenne Community!

We plan to integrate the camera module into Cayenne for both pictures and video streaming. This includes video streaming from a URL too.

IFTTT is lower on our roadmap compared to other upcoming features, we’re definitely aware of this community request though.

Glad you like the layout and ease of access,