Raspberry Pi update interval

Does anyone know who to change the update interval on the raspberry pi? I’m wanting to send data more than one every 5-10 seconds or so.

Also my RAM & Storage widgets in the app don’t update but do on the web dashboard. When i select the widget in the app to look at the history the info is there. Any ideas?


You can change REFRESH_FREQUENCY in sensors.py . Currently that’s at 15 seconds. Though actuator state for digital sensors should be sent in close to real-time. Also keep in mind not to make it very rapid as you might hit rate limit Sending MQTT messages within rate limits

Welcome back Mitch!

For the interval, Shramik’s suggestion will work but make sure you stay under the rate limit.

The RAM and Storage widgets don’t store history any more, but I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be working on mobile. There seems to be some overall work that needs done on the apps.

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Thanks Adam!

The rate limit is 55 per min right? I set it for 3 seconds. Plenty fast. Ya the RAM and storage started working.

it is 60 messages each minute. 3 second is good to go but to be on safer side you can make it to 5 seconds. What is your project about where you want such high publish rate?

It not really a project. I’m testing various methods of overclocking and running a AFP server and some other programs. I’ve been doing a lot with raspberry pi lately and really like the platform.

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