Release Notes September 1, 2016 (Dashboard Update)

Release Notes September 1, 2016

Web Dashboard Update

Bug Fixes

  • Typing [Enter] after renaming sensor now confirms the rename rather than opening a Remove Sensor dialog
  • Removing a Pi now correctly removes all widgets associated with that Pi from projects.
  • Fixed an issue where sensors added on the mobile app did not retain settings on the Web Dashboard.
  • Resolved an issue where erroneous temperature sensor readings could clutter the history graph.

New Features/Enhancements

  • New custom date range filter for Raspberry Pi and widget history
  • Network Speed, Process List, and Raspberry Pi default widgets now display on the Web Dashboard after Pi installation.
  • Scheduler view, when accessed from within a project, now only shows event related to widgets involved in that project.
  • Improved welcome email
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Good Work thanks !. Just checked the New custom date range filter for Raspberry Pi and widget history works as expected:

  • What is the resolution of the data / samples per min / hour / day etc ?
  • Where is this data stored (Pi or Cloud server)
  • How big will the store be / how far back etc
    Did not manage to find anything prior to Sept 1. Is this when it was started up / store started ?
    ~ Andrew

I see you have added “Number of decimals” but not mentioned it above. Don’t remember that before. Any other changes to look out for :slight_smile:

The data is being stored a once a minute resolution, and on our server, so not eating up valuable disk space on your Pi. Right now there are no limits on it at all (size or history wise), but this may change in the future. We’d announce it ahead of time though so don’t stress over it disappearing.

As far as the history, I’m seeing history back before today on my sensors, and it should go back much further. Maybe this is a specific issue, can you PM me and let me know about which sensor (or is this all of yours), and provide a screenshot so I can investigate?

@baz Quite Possibly! I would almost expect edits to the release notes as that one completely slipped by me. Whoops!

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Love finding unexpected Easter Eggs :hatching_chick:

Good stuff! :+1: