Please go back to cloud (The original way was way faster) instead of mqtt or at least allow the choice the speed is crap and some people need that.

Just because u say switches and the like are instant sorry but not so.

I came back after having to travel for work and was on the old way and now its just unusable.

can you provide more info on what exactly is your issue?

The slow update rates and the response time for switches.
If I,m monitoring a sensor and need a almost instant change in a device then i have to wait 15 seconds for for the data to be sent to dashboard then wait for the trigger to activate then wait for the switch to be triggered so all in all 20 30 seconds before the event happens.

The old dashboard updated way faster.

I understand u want to be able to add new devices easier with mqtt but we should have the choice to use the old cloud way if using the pi or other devices that were supported from the start and anyone else that wants to use mqtt to add other devices can do that.

this is because there is a rate limit for the publish data interval. For IOT sensors it is not practical to send data very rapidly. If you want to have a trigger on rapid change or almost instant, then add a control statement on device which sends data only when it has crossed the threshold. That way you wont be sending data at rapid rate and will get instant response. Sending MQTT messages within rate limits