Rasperry Pi Questions

Hi I am new to Cayenne and IOT’s and was interested in trying it out.

However, from my reading there are some support issues for Raspberry Pi that I wanted the clarify before investing time in it.

Incompatibility with new linux kernels.
Support ended for "webiopi "

Could anyone clarify if kernel compatibility issues can and will be resolved?

Can development continue to evolve without support for “webiopi”?

Would be interested in anyone’s could alleviate my concerns?

Thank you

hi @difficultylevelhigh,

Welcome to the Cayenne community!

The incompatibility with new linux kernels is going through QA right now, that will be fixed soon.

Cayenne is based on a modified version of WebIOPi. It has always used WebIOPi.

Hope this helps,



I just wanted to bump this thread to note that we’ve now updated our Pi agent to support the 4.9 kernel (it still supports 4.4 as well). The update was automatic in the background so there is nothing you need to do on your end. Feel free to use rpi-update to move forward to the 4.9 kernel at this point if you’d like!