Rebooting restarting Rpi3

Anyone know if there is and gpio or script to assign a gpio that could be used to reboot or restart the Rpi without actually cutting power? Plan is to use my PLDuino to restart the Rpi from overseas and Vice versa whenever contact is lost. The Rpi will be used to reset the PLDuino using the reset pins for the same reason.


Have you considered using Cayenne to schedule (or manually) reboot the Pi via the command actions available on the Cayenne dashboard? Or just setting up the Pi so you can SSH into it remotely and then running a reboot command?

I may have to wait til I go back overseas again and install and run the code for the PLDuino. Last known status of the Rpi was 14 days ago so something may have been unplugged or the Rpi died. Could just be wifi signal. I wanted to use Ethernet but that wouldn’t work, something about that weird fiber optic modem, it won’t even recognize ip cameras and won’t allow the addition of an AP.

Anyway, I didn’t think about a hard reboot situation so I’ll just code for one of the relays to cut power if need be. Also will have to figure out how to ssh from here to there to reboot if possible, weeeee just having fun ! I’m u

I’d advise against cutting power to the Raspberry Pi via a relay as a means of rebooting it, if the OS is in the middle of writing to the SD card when the power loss occurs, you could risk filesystem corruption. This is nothing specific to Cayenne, just general advice for the Raspberry Pi in general.

The Raspberry Pi documentation has lots of ideas for remote access to a Pi (including SSH), you can read about them here: Raspberry Pi Documentation - Remote Access

This way you could connect remotely to the Pi when desired and run a safe reboot command. This could also be of course scripted if you want it on a regular interval or condition.

Sounds like a plan. Good thing I power it from the inverter so I don’t lose power to it when the grid goes down. I have a local touch screen there if I can get my daughter to operate it. She could reboot for now if I can convince the pastry chef to take the Challenge haha.

Thanks for your help

hey @rsiegel

just a note here for others that an ios app called dataplicity seems like a great candidate and allows desktop remote from anywhere in the world. It finds your Rpi’s on your network for you much like cayenne. For me I just need to be there:( .

Thanks again!

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Hello, Im pretty noob in this, im working on small iot application to sense variables on a house-bee, im traying to shutdown and reboot buttons my rasperry pi w zero using cayenne dashboard, but i dont have any in my response in my device, also i noticed that is bugg, someone can gift me and idea, how should i proceed? thanks