Reducing size of CayenneMQTT

Hi everyone! I just made a CayenneMQTT powered device. It consists of stm32f103RB with 128 K memory and SIM800l. Everything is working fine now , but it uses almost all program memory of microcontroller. Example GSM scatch eats about 84% of program memory. Is there any chance to reduce CayenneMQTT library size? A I suppose not use all functionality of Cayenne such as rules and triggers and external sensors. For me virtual wires will be enough. Thanks everyone , I am waiting for advice.

there is no harm if 84% of your memory is used. You can disable the cayenne debug and print include in the code.

I need to write some additional custom code. And I think 16% will be not enougth for it. I have also a Blynk example and paste same additional code as in Cayenne, and no I have memory usage 51% in Blynk and 91% in Cayenne.

The cayenne GSM library is based on tiny GSM library. If you want you can manually use it to send data to cayenne.