Data used by heartbeat and transactions


I’m wondering if there is any published data on the overheads of Cayenne and the amount of data each heartbeat sends/receives and what each type of “transaction” may also use. I’m trying to work out a “budget” for each device to connect via wireless broadband services


I guess it really depends on what you’re doing. The best option would be to set it up the way you want it to work and do a packet capture. There are a lot of variables that can increase/decrease data usage based on what you’re doing with Cayenne, as with any network service.


Just be nice to have some based line figures ie heartbeat uses x bytes etc


I’d love to know where/how I can slow down the refresh rate to save data - anyone found it in the arduino libraries yet??


With the MQTT release coming up you can send data with MQTT instead of the native methods which will greatly reduce the amount of traffic and also allow you to control how frequently the data is sent.


Hi - are there any tutorials yet on how to reduce the data? I really like the application, and was hoping to use it for a product prototype but can’t because of it’s data overhead. Currently, I’m seen it use about 1Gb / 3 days. I need the data to be closer to 100 Mb per month. Preferably able to configure all the way down to 5 Mb per month.