Registering Arduino with WIFI or Ethernet?


I’m very new to Cayenne and excited by the potential.

I am testing an Arduino Nano linked to a Raspberry Pi with multiple analog sensors, as part of a (possibly over-elaborate!) automated gardening project. I use the Pi for Ethernet connectivity, data collection and for the Pi Camera to keep an eye on the sensors.

I’d love to use Cayenne as my dashboard but it seems that I need an Arduino networking shield in order to “register” the device and get a token before I can connect to Cayenne? I was following Ken’s post here:

Ethernet and Wifi on Arduino seems particularly clunky and especially with a Nano. Is there not a way to register via a PC or Pi without the Arduino needing its own Wifi or Ethernet? If not then I would need to buy a shield just to register with Cayenne after which it would be redundant which seems an unnecessary waste.

Also if I added more Arduinos would they need to be individually registered?

Any help / guidance is much appreciated. I’m keen to get actively working on this but this uncertainty is holding me back.



Welcome to Cayenne!

@akers.kenneth66 was able to get an arduino connected through USB here Arduino and Raspberry Together - #4 by akers.kenneth66 My only caution is that USB connections are meant for testing and are generally not going to be suited for a “production” implementation. I’ve never tried it but from what I read about it on the Blynk forums it is not recommended. I would personally recommend getting an ethernet shield.

Yes, you will need to register each Arduino to get it on the dashboard.

Hello ats1080s,

Thanks for the response. I take your point.