Release Notes December 29, 2016 (Android Scheduling Update)

Release Notes December 29 2016

Android App Version 1.2.6

:fireworks: Hello Cayenne enthusiasts! :fireworks:

We have a new feature for the new year in the Cayenne Android app. Now live in the Google Play Store, version 1.2.6 includes event scheduling and management functionality that brings the app on par with our web dashboard and iOS app. If you don’t have your Android device set to auto-update, visit the Play Store app to to grab the latest.

New Feature - Scheduling!

  • Use scheduled events to trigger actuators or device actions at the time you choose.
  • Recurring events are available.
  • Receive notifications via text message and email when scheduled events are run.
  • View/Edit your event calendar, including events previously created on the Cayenne iOS app and Cayenne web dashboard.
  • Additional Bug Fixes


Great! This schedule is triggered by Smartphone time, or by Web Time? This feature is present too in web app?