Release Notes June 12, 2017 (REST API, new Scheduler, much more!)


Release Notes June 12, 2017

New Features

  • Added Cayenne REST API for custom web and mobile app development! You can access this API through the green ‘Create App’ button at the top of the web dashboard. Read more about this new API here.

  • Completely new scheduling engine ‘Timekeeper’ to drive all scheduled events. Arduino scheduling issues mentioned on the forum should be greatly improved.

  • Python and node.js libraries added to the BYOT library list

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • User can now change icon for parent devices in left sidebar

  • Fixed a bug where Arduino widgets could duplicate when added to the dashboard

  • Resolved an issue where Custom Widgets couldn’t be added to certain accounts with Arduino devices present

  • Fixed an issue where some widgets resized in Project view did not retain their new size/position

  • Fixed login/session issues with Microsoft Edge browser

  • Slider widgets now show same range in IF and THEN parts of the triggers UI

  • Corrected formatting issues when resizing BMP180 widgets

  • Fixed issue where line chart could show ‘no data’ image while data was present behind it.

  • Deleted devices should now delete all associated scheduler events

  • All documentation links now pass through a redirect system so they won’t break when the website is reorganized in the future

  • Backend performance/stability improvements

MQTT/Bring Your Own Thing API

  • Fixed an issue where Actuator Widgets added through MQTT API would spin endlessly without activating the actuator.

  • Improved the process of picking default icons for MQTT-created widgets

  • MQTT Actuator widgets will not auto-populate, they should be added through Custom Widgets.

  • MQTT devices can no longer create multiple sets of credentials, causing connection issues

  • Fixed issues with removing multiple widgets from MQTT devices

  • Removed incorrect section about adding actuators from Arduino MQTT documentation


  • Added 5 new devices for X-Telia network: Elsys Waterleak Sensor, Sagemcom SICONIA C2 1-1 AT868, STM32 B-LO72Z-LRWAN1, STM32-I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1, STM32P-Nucleo-LRWAN1.

  • Added downlink support for Orbiwise network

  • LoRa Meter widget is now resizable and no longer missing icon

  • Added new devices from SensingLabs

  • Corrected issue where incorrect data could show after browser refresh until new payload was received


  • Setup instructions email now properly sends when adding a BYOT/MQTT device from the mobile app

  • Device added emails for Pi/Arduino now properly send from mobile app

  • IoT Ready devices now show thumbnail image rather than full one, reducing data consumption

Known Issues

  • In the new Timekeeper scheduler code, you can only schedule events for times at multiples of 5 (eg 2:00, 2:05, 2:10, 2:15…) from the web. If events are created on mobile at some other time, they will round up to next 5 minutes. So 2:01, 2:02, 2:04 all round to 2:05. Existing events migrated to the new system will fire at the closest 5 minute mark. This system will be improved to eliminate this rounding and allow all times to be available for scheduler events.

  • It is possible that old improperly deleted events or events that were not firing in the past may start up again or send notifications due to the migration to the new system. If this happens on your account, please PM @rsiegel with details about what happened and we will manually resolve this for you.

  • Until they have been updated in some way, existing Raspberry Pi and Arduino events will use the old event template rather than the new one.

  • We have made a number of backend improvements to MQTT device connectivity and functionality in this release. It was a major change to this system so please let us know if you suspect any issues with your ‘Bring Your Own Things’/MQTT connected devices.

  • We’re aware of issues triggering scheduled events on Raspberry Pi that involve the PCA9685 PWM extension

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LPP format help

Hi, I don’t understand how to create an app or How this works. can you help me?


Hi @cuentaproyecto5000,

The Cayenne (REST) API allows developers to create custom web and mobile applications that are driven by Cayenne without the limitations/design choices of our first party web dashboard/mobile apps. By using our API in your code you could do things like interact with sensors/actuators connected to Cayenne and access our scheduling, triggers, and alerting system from your own app.

We have a developer working on a sample custom app that we’ll have in place at that link soon, so you can get a better feel for what the code for such an app would look like, and we have API documentation here.

If you have some specific question about building your app with the Cayenne API, please feel free to create a thread about it on this forum or post to our public Slack channel for advice and help. We’d love to have your feedback and hear more about what you’re hoping to build with it!