Release Notes February 23th 2018 - NEW FEATURES!


Hello Cayenne community!

We wanted to show you some :heart: , so here are some pretty cool NEW features for you. Enjoy!

                             ---NEW FEATURES---

Data Console

You asked for a better way to view your sensor data inside Cayenne, and we listened! You can now view all data streaming to your Cayenne account by clicking the “Data” tab on the blue banner of the device. As of right now, the data tab works for all devices except Raspberry Pi (and the legacy Arduino devices). In the near future the data tab will support Raspberry Pi devices, so all you Pi users - hang in there!

You can use SQL select statements to query your device/sensor data, view a chart that shows the number of sensor readings over time, and see all data coming into your account in one place. You can also download your data as a .csv file.

Enhanced Graphs

Cayenne’s line graphs have some big improvements rolled out with this release. First and foremost, the lines are no longer rounded out or averaged. The lines connecting each data point will be straight. Additionally, you can now zoom in and out of the graph. Zoom out to see a birds eye view of your data or zoom in to see the data points up close. Use the mouse or laptop trackpad to zoom in and out. You can also click and drag to see more data points. Try it out!

One of the coolest update to the graphs is the ability to view multiple data points on a single graph. You can add a second sensor to the line graph from the same device or a different device. Go to to the settings for your line graph and click “Add data point”.

To use the new multi data point graph, click the settings icon on your line graph widget and then click “Add data point”.

More exciting features coming. As always, let us know what you think by contributing to the conversation on the Cayenne forums.



Line Chart issues


Hi I have issues with this, does it work correctly?