Release Notes April 18, 2017

Release Notes April 18, 2017

Web Dashboard Update

Dashboard Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • New Feature! You can now resize widget tiles by dragging on their edges. Different widget types have difference default/minimum/maximum sizes.

  • Added many new icons to improve dashboard customization options. Icons now sort in alphabetical order

  • Fixed an issue where slider widgets would revert to a default value seconds after being changed.

  • Trigger creation page no longer renders poorly on Microsoft Edge Browser

  • Additional work to improve stability of Alerts & Triggers engine

  • Several improvements to the performance and stability of the Projects API

  • Sensor triggers now properly retain custom range values

  • All default Raspberry Pi widgets can now be added to a Project view.

  • Fixed an issue where Alerts & Triggers with Pi or Arduino in the IF section could fail to fire in some circumstances.

  • Fixed an issue where a browser refresh could cause a slider widget to revert to a zero state.

MQTT/Bring Your own Thing

  • User can now request email with custom instructions for adding device via BYOT API

  • Fixed an issue where trigger rules with an MQTT device in the ’then’ segment were not working properly

  • Resolved an issue where MQTT devices could show incorrectly as offline shortly after device addition.

  • Fixed a rare bug where triggers based on MQTT devices could not be created.

  • Additional improvements to MQTT device stability.


  • Added description identifying LoRa devices which use the Cayenne LPP

  • Additional improvements to LoRa devices stability

  • Corrected an issue where the network selection field could be missing when adding Actility devices

  • Many devices that were missing from the LoRa device selection list for Kerlink have been added

Raspberry Pi

  • No longer possible to generate a null Raspberry Pi invite code when adding a new Pi to Cayenne.

  • Fixed an issue with Raspberry Pi agent log rotation where log files could become very large, consuming disk space.

  • Corrected issue where RAM usage was being calculated incorrectly in the default RAM widget

  • Resolved issue where accounts created after Feb 14 server update did connect for Remote Access feature

  • Additional agent improvements to reduce RAM usage and log file size.

  • Fixed a bug where restarting the Pi could cause a PCA9685 extension to be lost or broken on the dashboard.

  • Corrected an issue where 1-wire sensor devices connected to Pi could take a browser refresh to display.

IoT Ready Program

  • List of supported data types has been updated


  • Corrected broken community link in notification emails

  • Improved Cayenne server-side logging to avoid performance issues

  • Corrected terminology inconsistencies in different parts of the platform


An idea:
How about to make Android widget position not connected to web Dashboard one?

When I put line chart on dashboard, it looks OK, but in mobile app it breaks the look of it…


Hi @vedran.musica,

This is a bug/oversight on the part of the Android app.

While we do want pretty much all other data to sync between the web and mobile, we don’t want widget positioning to try and do so (because it will fail, due to different screen sizes and layouts). The iOS app already behaves in this way – it looks like the Android app needs work to maintain its own layout grid while still syncing any other changes from the web.

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Greeeeat :open_mouth:

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Grazie mille
ottima piattaforma

Thank you very good platform

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