Release Notes November 20, 2017 (Web Dashboard Update)

Release Notes November 20, 2017

Web Dashboard Update

Dashboard Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where ‘last data packet’ timestamp was incorrect for LoRa devices

  • Corrected a unit conversion issue for cm → m


When cayenne 2018 update will come

I see some changes with the plot screen (legend and drag / zoom). Nice work thanks. I have figured some of it, looking for Multi Plot mainly. Is there / should there be an update / notification here so we can watch the action ? A video of new features and how they are intended to work etc would be good thanks.
~ Andrew

Hi @picaxe
The new update allows you to add a secondary data point to the Graph Widget.
If you go to settings on a compatible widget, set the widget type to Line Chart and below, you’ll see the button to add data point which will allow you to pick another device/data point.

Give it a try & let us know your feedback.


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