Release Notes December 19, 2015

Thank you all for testing and reporting the bugs / issues that you have found thus far. I know some of them were very frustrating (like the widgets multiplying issue), so thanks for hanging in there!

You do not need to reinstall anything to see these changes on your dashboard. They are automatically applied realized. However, we do suggest you clear your cache.

  • Added ability to specify a min/max for the graph widget
  • Improved agent install time
  • New agent install experience
  • Agent bug fixes
  • Fixed Storage & CPU not displaying properly
  • Fixed issue where widgets are being multiplied
  • Made a fix to remote access
  • Created a Forgot Password page
  • Feature to set thresholds on gauge widget
  • Ceased storing logs on the user’s Pi
  • Fixed logout timeout issue
  • Change logout timeout to 1 hour
  • When a 1-wire temperature sensors has a large negative value, display ‘disconnected’

Please continue giving feedback, reporting bugs / issues, and letting us know how you are using Cayenne. Thank you to our active community!