Remote access issue - works on iOS but not web

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  • Rassbery pi 3 with noob

  • Web AND iOS

  • I can fire up a remote desktop from the iOS app which is nice but too small to be useful. However when I try with the laptop I get a “connecting” popup and nothing else. I’ve enabled popups and I’ve tried on Safari, Firefox, chrome AND IE. I’ve even teathered the laptop through the phone to make sure that it is using the same internet connection…

Hi @woz, welcome to the Cayenne Community and thank you for your bug report. Can I ask if your install of Raspbian on your Pi is running the new PIXEL update?

I suspect you’re running into the bug outlined in this thread

If that’s the case, my apologies and we’ll try to have a bug fix for this as soon as possible – in the meantime, you may want to set up VNC outside of Cayenne per these instructions from the Raspberry Pi site: Raspberry Pi Documentation - Remote Access

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