Cannot remote raspberry pi 3 model B

dear needs help i cannot access to remote access i received Desktop cannot remote

Welcome to Cayenne!

This bug is being worked on. Unfortunately when the Pixel update came out the remote desktop feature was broken.

thank you
i will wait your replay

Hi @bsobashi, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

As @adam mentioned, this is known issue, an update to Raspbian Jessie broke our VNC implementation that was used for the Remote Access feature. The good news is that we have a fix already in QA so this will be resolved soon, and in my testing it works much better than the original implementation (the desktop now fills your browser and logs in on the same session as if there was a keyboard/mouse/monitor on the Pi).

I’ve added you to a list to update when the fix is live, and I’ll update this thread at that time too.

In the meantime, If you need a graphical remote desktop into your Pi, I would encourage you to look at this official Raspberry Pi documentation on setting up a VNC connection so you can do it outside of Cayenne.

If you just need remote access to your Pi’s command line, I’d use SSH

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thank you @rsiegel for your replay actually a do the VNC remote but what is the special think in Cayenne that i can Remote Access from any where that is what i want
i will waiting you to update me
thanx again

Dears any update regarding to below snapshot ???