Removal of sensor

I cant remove the sensors after adding them. the icon kept hanging there.

Hi @nickyoko21,

Which sensors and what device? Can you post a screenshot?

Also, sometimes refreshing the page will help.



I refresh many times. The removal status kept revolving and the icon is
still there.
Can I screen shot and paste here?

Yes, you can screenshot and paste here my friend.


I added a digital input to take in signal from push button. Once the button is pressed, it will send an email to my gmail.
I added the widget, but it didn’t respond when I pressed the button.

Under the trigger button, I cant drag device here. Please help.

This is my circuit connection to pin 8 of Arduino.
After compiling the sketch, am I expected to see widget responding when I pressed the button?

Not sure if the Ethernet shield is w5100 as this is the PoE version.

Can you share the code you are using please?

Also, sometimes there is confusion over how to drag device into trigger statement. This is something we are going to fix. But, you’ll need to drag the actual Arduino device over into triggers. Here is a video showing it: