Trigger not working!


Hi am using an arduino uno with a ENC28J60 ethernet module.

on the dashboard I can clearly see the motion detector activating but the trigger(send email) fails and the trigger says it has run 0 times


I appear to be having similar issues running on an ESP8266, I see from another thread that there is a bug affecting scheduled events and i wonder if this is related, it’s a shame there’s not the ability to run a rule and check the logic and then the action.


here’s the error I’m receiving, is this a wifi connection issue?



@jtrahair @germaine.williams we had some triggers issues around the time you reported. Can you check again if triggers are working again?



Looking Good so far, thanks for the fix.


I may have spoken too soon, I also seemed to see my project disappear last night.


Yes, this is known bug that came up a few hours ago, we will be fixing this soon!



OK, I guess that is the nature of beta testing, I’ll leave it with you for a bit.

Many Thanks