Remove defunct Raspberry Pi's from dash?

How do I remove offline or defunct Pi’s from my list? I had one device where the microSD card went bad and I had to restore from backup then reinstall Cayenne. The old device is listed in my list of devices. Also two “Rapsberry Pi” from failed attempts to install Cayenne to a Pi Zero W via the mobile app (got it to work manually installing).

Hello, you can remove any device, when you select it from the left list. The you have to go to “Configure”, from the menu with the wheel icon:

Then on the bottom of the page, you have to select “Remove Device” - that’s it! Note that also triggers and scheduler associated with this device will be deleted!

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In Firefox clicking on the wheel icon for an offline device didn’t do
anything. In Chrome the wheel icon is not shown but the “Configure
Raspberry Pi” link led to a page with the “remove” button.


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It is strange for Mozilla. I was using mozilla to make you the screenshots! Which version do you use?

Found this thread while searching for ‘How to remove a device from dashboard’… The problem is probably the scrolling doesn’t work correctly. I was using Google chrome and couldn’t locate the ‘Remove Device’ button. After reading this thread, I just tried reducing size of the window (Control and Minus button or mouse scroll wheel) and then the button appeared.

So scrolling the window doesn’t actually show the content towards bottom of the tab.

Thought this would help someone.



Thank you for posting about this! I guarantee this will help someone in the future :slight_smile:

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