Removing Raspberry PI 3 Processes to the Dashboard


I made a mistake and Click on the remove processes option.
Now in the dashboard is appearing removing and not disappears from the dashboard.

Doubt: How Can I finish this process and add this information again in to the dashboard?



Hmmm, when you close the browser and log back in, are they still removing?

If so, perhaps try resetting the dashboard.



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This problem is happening at 1 week or more…

How can I reset the dashboard?

Under the gear icon in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Thank you very very much!!! worked…


In the next update (potentially even this week, we’ll know soon), we’ll be hiding the ‘Remove’ buttons from these default Pi widgets so they can’t get stuck in this ‘Removing…’ state.

If you want a clean dashboard and don’t want to see them, you can always create a new project by clicking the + tab in the top bar of the Cayenne webpage, and then only drag the widgets you desire from each device into that project.