RFID based attendance monitoring system


About This Project

This project is about monitoring the attendance of students in college or employees in a office.
each person will be assign a unique RFID tag.
this tag when scanned on the RFID reader it increments the previous value.
at the end of the month the teacher or manager comes to know the attendance of each person.
the value is stored in eeprom of esp8266 so when the power is switched it still retains the previous value.
this adds to that each teacher can carry this RFID reader along with them in particular class, plug and get the attendance.

What’s Connected

wemos d1 mini

Triggers & Alerts

no triggers are used.


no scheduling.

Circuit Diagram

Dashboard Screenshots

smart_attendance_1.ino.txt (5.0 KB)


Problem after reset / reconnecting NodeMCU
Alternate RFID read/writer dashboard option

Thanks for sharing this project @shramiksalgaonkar! What type of RFID tags/reader are you using for it? I’ve been curious about playing with RFID and Cayenne and was a bit overwhelmed when I saw the selection of tags and readers that were available.


Love this!


@rsiegel i am using MFRC522 (https://playground.arduino.cc/Learning/MFRC522) and using library (https://github.com/miguelbalboa/rfid).


I was definitely curious how you were planning on displaying the data on the dashboard, and I really like what you have there! One suggestion, add an LED or buzzer so you know for sure a card has been scanned successfully. I developed a time clock and have noticed that sometimes the card reader will scan an error “E2” which I’m still not exactly sure what that means. Anyway, it’s easy enough to light a multi-color LED red for error and green for success.


@adam thank you.
have a look at my code. I have used the on board led of wemos mini as indication. it turns on when a card is successfully read. but while making the outer case i forgot to make a hole for it to be visible.
using a multi color led is a good solution. i will add it soon.


Such a great idea.


Thanks for the response. I was curious because I have crazy hobbyist plans to build an electronic board game using RFID :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it is the best technology for my use case though, since I’m considering a fairly large number of pieces in a confined space which I think will require special shielding/interference considerations (not to mention excessive cost).


Love this project.i need your support and suggestion in my project.The idea is If an employee whose id is read in biometric there should be a green light indication automatically on the display board (name of all employee is sticked in a board).Please guide me how to proceed with this.
and the value adding activity is if he is coming late it should be displayed using an LCD . leave will be updated manually and LCD has to display it.


@sivaranjani you can have a look at the code and information above to get started.

you can replace rfid with biometric sensor and use a two state widget to see if a person is in or out.


Thanks a lot for your immediate response.As i am new to this,i dont know
where to look for the codes for your progrm.Could you please guide me how
to look into the codes and procedure.


here is the code.