RFID with Cayenne

Will Cayenne work with a RFID reader on either a Rasperberry Pi or Arduino?

I’m looking to build a rfid pet feeder but I don’t really have experience with writing code…

Thanks in advanced


Sure, you can use either one but Arduino may be a bit easier (plus there is a contest running for Arduino projects). Do you have any code for the project yet? I have an RFID reader so I can help you out here.

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Try RFID522, works great and it comes with a card and a key. I can help you, what is exactly you want to do, read a card or controlling the feeder through Cayenne Dashboard?

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Thanks Adam! I have no code yet… I’m currently trying to figure out if my idea is feasible, and I’ll go from there.
I’ve seen a few instructables, and it seems pretty straightforward, but considering my lack of experiencing I need to learn more about Arduino in general.

It would be great to have some feedback from you!


Hi Neoxelox, thanks for your reply!
Will RFID522 work with a 125 Khz tag?

What I’m looking is to have a bird (actually several) with an RFID legband opening the feeding when they approach.
Ideally I would be able to pair a color LED to each of the birds and have them respond to their color by coming to the feeder (which would open only when the right bird is present).


I think it won’t work at that frequency, because 522 works at 13,56MHz. This are the compatible cards or tags: mifare1 S50, mifare1 S70 MIFARE Ultralight, mifare Pro, MIFARE DESFire.[quote=“miguel.jasantos, post:5, topic:2506”]
What I’m looking is to have a bird (actually several) with an RFID legband opening the feeding when they approach.

That’s easy, you only need an arduino connected to the RFID522, and when it detects the legband, maybe with a servo, it opens the feeding (room or how is it?).

In this part I don’t understand you, do you want to sort the birds by their color LED (If you want to pair the LED to a bird it needs a battery and I don’t know too much of birds, but I don’t think it is healthy) and then with maybe a color sensor open an specific feeder? If you want to do that, it’s more easy, just write to the legband an ID which the RFID can read, and then depending on the ID you can open an specific feeder.

And what about Cayenne? You will use it for something, perhaps to see if a feeder has been opened?

Sorry for the delay on getting back to you. Thanks for your help.
The led will be in one spot, as a way of calling each bird (each is trained to come to his specific color - I’m a bird trainer for work, so that part is the easy one for me).

I was thinking that Cayenne would be the way to make everything work (e.g. “program” the circuit)… Maybe I got the wrong idea, and this won’t be applicable in my case…


Okay, I think it’s easier then. I think you could do different chambers with different colors, and inside of each chamber put a PIR motion sensor, and when it detects movement, the feeder inside the chambers would be opened with a servo.

Hey there!
Can you help me design an RFID-based visitor counter.
In which at entry when the passenger swipe RFID card then the counter is incremented by one and at exit the passenger again swipe the card the counter is decremented by one.

I’m using serial usb connection to connect to cayenne dashboard and I’m also having RFID reader(Model 1206).

@kasliwal.mehul333 you can have a look at this project (iSeeU and RFID monitoring)
it does what you want plus some extra features.

Hi everyone,
so I finally decided to give this a try, but I have to admit I’m a bit out of my depth…

I bought a Seeduino V4.2 (https://www.seeedstudio.com/Seeeduino-V4.2-p-2517.html) and an RFID module (Mini 125Khz RFID Module - Pre-Soldered Antenna (70mm Reading Distance) - Seeed Studio).

I’m a bit confused on how to make this work (I still need to connect them), and if I can “program” them with Cayenne…