Scaling Generic Analog Inputs LoRa and LPP

Good morning all
A quick question. I am using a Raspberry Pi sending data back via TTN and using LPP to encode the data as generic analogue inputs. For analogue values LPP can support values of -327.67 to + 327.67. Which is ok and understandable so a couple of quesitons…

  1. are the widgets for generic analog values scaled from -327 to +327 (eg the guage etc)
  2. is there the facility to rescale the widgets. For example if i am send a value between 0 and 100% can i rescale the guage?
  3. if I cannot rescale the widgets in order to get the highest resolution for analogue values it would seem best to map them from whatever they are to -327 → +327. is there a way in cayenne of doing arithmetic on the LPP values to scale them back to the original units?
  4. can i set arbitrary units for display of LoRa LPP analog types?

I know there is a lot there but I thought I would throw it out there so see what comes back.

thanks everyone

i am not sure what you meant by scale the value but the gauge can have values between -327 to 327. you can then set the range of the gauge to your need.

Ok so when you set these range values they are not just for the color bars but range the graph as well. Ok good thing I see that now. What about values larger than 327?

Yes I just tried it I get that now. Thanks for explaining that.

i am not sure about the exact max value but it can go much higher then 327.

Ok thanks for this let me experiment. I did think the LPP spec said that was the limit but it may be that at 0.01 resolution. If that’s the case the the limit would be a signed 16 bit integer 32767 cool.

Thanks again

i referred to the gauge widget as a whole, if only for cayenne LPP then the limit is -327 to +327

Ok yes that makes sense.

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