Cayenne LPP send generic sensor value and create custom widget to display in my devices

I have an ESP32 LoRa node using the LMIC software and Electronic cats version of the Cayenne LPP. I have pretty standard values like Temp, Humd, Presssure displaying in myDevices just fine.

The problem i have is that i have a CO sensor value i want to display. My data goes through TTN and integrated to Cayenne. If i use lpp.addGenericSensor() it breaks and the data does not get to Cayenne.If i but the CO sensor value into lpp.addAnalogOutput() i cant customize the data displayed on Cayenne.

What option if any can i try next?

I would like to display the CO value on a graph over time on Cayenne, would be ideal for me.

Any help would be much appreciated.


use lpp.addAnalogInput()

Thanks that worked out for me cheers. Can i rename the axis of the graph.

you cannot rename it.

O well can’t have everything, it will do, cheers for the help much appreciated.

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