Scaling the platform

First time poster here. I own a lakehouse on Norris Lake with a floating boat dock. Like everybody on the lake, I have to deal with fluctuating water levels that require adjustments to the cables that secure the dock to the bank. Normally I would have to drive down and manually adjust the winches to either reel cable in or let it out depending on whether the level is rising or falling. Well - that got me thinking - could I do this over the internet using remote controlled motorized winches? Turns out - I can. And this is what I came up with:


So I have gotten a number of people that have seen the video of my system and are asking about me marketing the system. I had never really thought of that before - but I believe Cayenne can be “scaled” or otherwise tailored to a system that could be reproduced and sold. But I dont know where to start. Any thoughts from the community or from the Cayenne folks?


That’s a great project you got there. Can you private message me your email id.

That’s an awesome project, we’ll reach out with more details.