Send Receive and DisplayText

Hi there,

  1. Not sure if this feature is available, however, would like the ability for Cayenne iOS app or Web app to receive a String from the Arduino, and to display it on the dashboard.

  2. To be able to send this text/String as a message or value in a trigger response (SMS or Email).

  3. Trigger an action based on text values - defined within your trigger settings.
    Example - if a value of “Red” is received from Arduino#1, then turn on a Red LED on Arduino #2

  4. It would also be good if you could send a message from the app to the Arduino…
    For example - if you wanted to write a custom message to be displayed on an LCD display: ie. you could type your message on your phone and then have it transmitted to the Arduino, and have the Arduino display that message on the LCD - all from a remote location…

I apologise if any of these features are already available



I would also like the ability to receive sms messages and then display them on a LCD or LED display. It would be great if it was on a PI too

I agree, these features would amazing!

Most, if not all of these, will be available when the API is released.