Data sending of MQTT channel like a and notification

Hi everyone
Is it possible to send my real time data to my mobile whenever I want to get …from a channel just like the triggering notification commes to my mobile

Hi @HamnaBazmi,

We’re still working on the MQTT support you already see on the web dashboard for our mobile apps. As soon as we make those updates you’ll have no trouble seeing your real time MQTT data on iOS and Android.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already checked them out, we do have mobile apps where you can get real time Cayenne data from Raspberry Pi and Arduino connected devices available right now! Just search for Cayenne in the App Store app on your mobile device, or log into Log in to Cayenne on your mobile and we’ll present you with buttons linking to the app install.

I am talking about the Mobile sms just like a notification

are we able to get data on my cell

Are you using Arduino or Pi for the sensors?


Here is a link to the email documentation with Arduino: Arduino Playground - Email

You can email a phone number and it will come through as a text message. Here is a list of domains for all major carriers in the US: How To Send a Text Message From Your Email Account | Digital Trends

So the idea here is to also send an email (SMS) to your phone every time you send data back to the Cayenne servers.

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thanx for your reply cant reply you Sorry but it worked
now need certain more help
want to get a url of http link so by that link i may b able to toggle the button on the dashboard from my own android app
I am using mqtt and is not avaiable in android and link is also required for my webpage