Sensor ac/dc current SKU:SEN0098

Hello anyone
Im new in community i need know if this sensor current
Is supported from cayenne
I want measure and take grafical history of my solar system
Thath give me near 50 ampere when the sun is good
If is supported from cayenne i want put 3 pieces of this whith one ruspberry pi3 and have three grafical sistem history

It doesn’t appear that it is drag and drop supported yet but you can still use it no problem using virtual pins. Just have the RPi or Arduino write what data you want to a virtual pin. Then you can add the virtual pin to your dashboard and get the data that way.

Looks like the SEN0098 breakout uses the ACS758 sensor. I know it works great as I’m using that sensor too.

Hello yes
The sensor are analogic signal
I will use whith raspberry one converter adc
Ads 1115
Can function so ? Can help me how to do ?
I connect ads 1115 card to raspberry after i get on line
Whith cayenne ?
Or i connect card , i install drive pyton and after i get on line
If I get online before install pyton drive library,cayenne will see ads card and configure it whith my purposes