Sensor limit

How many sensors does a free cayenne account support?
Can I add upp to 90 sensors om my account?

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you can connect unlimited sensors to cayenne, but just make sure that all are not sending data at one time instant Sending MQTT messages within rate limits

So if I have 50 sensors that sends data at the same time 3 times a day there will be no problem?

that means you will be sending 50 message in a minute. that will work but you can try sending the 50 messages in smaller group to make sure that there is no chance of loss of message and do this 3 times a day.

Thank you for your answers!


Hi @niklas.lennqvist

Cayenne is free to use and we are not imposing any data/sensor limit at the moment. However, as with any free solution, we reserve the right to restrict this feature in the future in order to make it sustainable to remain free. Thanks!